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Terms and Conditions

1. Course Fees

Fees are to be paid in advance as provided in Achievers Academy’s current Course Fee Schedule.

a) Group rates will apply only if a group is running at your time and a seat is available.

b) Private 1-on-1 rates will apply for all 1-on-1 lessons i.e., tutor is teaching only 1 student during the lesson time. 

2. Lesson Timings and Timetables

Lesson Bookings, timings and timetables can be confirmed only after full payment is received.

3. Attendance

  • Students are expected to be punctual and attend all their Theory Classes during the scheduled time and day in which they are enrolled.


  • No cancellations and refunds for change of mind.


  •  Credits or refunds will not be provided if a student fails to attend one or more classes during this period.


  • Students are NOT permitted to change or transfer lessons for their subject / course program once the enrolled course program has commenced.

4. Lesson Duration

1 hour for 1-on-1 lessons, 1.5 hours for Group lessons.

5. Term Enrolments

  • Minimum Enrolment Period is one complete Term

    • Years 7 -11 - 10 lessons per subject / course

    • Year 12 – HSC - 12 lessons –per subject / course


  • Term lessons must be all completed within the Term, cannot be carried forward or transferred. 

6. Ad -Hoc lessons

  • Flexible limited duration, 1-on-1, fully Personalised.

  • Can be used for Holiday study, Topic Revision, Extra Assignment Help.

7. Absences (1 -on-1 Lessons Only)

a) At least 24 hours' notice needs to be provided to the Tutor for cancelling and rescheduling a 1-on-1 lesson.

b) Failure to do so – i.e. No show at lessons will result in the student forfeiting the lesson.

8. Absences (Group Lessons)

Students absent from a group lesson can request tutor to provide the resources and learning materials for the missed lesson.

9. Term Commitment

a) Once you are enrolled for a Term, you are required to make full payment for the complete term.

b) If making part payments, you are legally liable to make full payment for at least one complete term.

10. Renewals

  • Current students will be automatically re-enrolled for the next term unless otherwise informed.

  • Current students wishing to withdraw from the next term must inform Achievers Academy at least 3 weeks before the start of Term to avoid incurring fees.

11. Communication and Contact

contact details provided at enrolment time.  If there are any changes at your end you need to inform us immediately to facilitate effective and prompt communication. The Academy will NOT be responsible.

12. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Student information can be used for a variety of purposes including: Student administration, Student surveys, Promotional campaigns, and the provision of a safe environment for students.

Achievers Academy undertakes not to sell, rent or trade student’s personal information to any external parties.

13. Declaration

I declare that the information supplied to Achievers Academy in support of this application for enrolment is complete and correct to the best of my understanding and belief.

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