Year 12 Exam Revision

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Course Highlights


  • Last minute revision through practice papers

  • Achieve high results

  • Fix gaps in & develop your concepts

  • Flexible duration (6-12 weeks) and course structure 

  • You have the flexibility to choose the number of lessons per week. This is subject to the student’s level and ability to cope with the pace. Some may need more lessons to fill in the gaps.

  • Each test will be followed with a 1-1 lesson where concepts are cleared and taught, and knowledge gaps filled in.

  • Practice papers - topic wise and full solutions to practice papers 

  • Exemplar solution sets & course notes

  • Course material devised and taught by Achievers' highly-qualified tutors

  • Get a tutor buddy who will motivate and take you through your exams

Enquire & Enrol

As our lessons are personalized to each student's individual needs, full details of timetable and fees can be given once we know and understand your requirements. 

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