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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What classes and subjects are taught at Achievers?

At Achievers, we provide tutoring for:

a) Years 7-10 - English, Maths, Science.
b) Years 11 and 12 - English – Std. & Adv., Maths – Gen, 2U, 3U & 4U, Chemistry, Physics, Biology

c) Years 11 and 12 - Other subjects like English Ext. 1 & 2, Economics, Legal Studies, Business Studies


2. Are the lessons at Achievers in groups or one-on-one?

Most of our lessons are taught in small groups. If you are the first student to enrol in a new batch you can enjoy 1-on-1 facility with

100% personalised attention till a group is formed.​ Private tutoring is available for special subjects where groups cannot be

formed. Please contact us to discuss this further.

3. What is your class size?
Our class sizes are small. This helps us to provide personalised lessons with maximum individual attention.

4. What is the duration of the term?

A term is usually for 9-10 weeks.


5. What is the duration of a lesson?

The duration of GROUP lessons is normally 1.5 hours. The duration of a 1-on-1 lesson is 1 hour only.

6. Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are:

  • Selected very carefully and go through an intense training program

  • High achievers, many are State Rank holders, Premier Award winners, 99+ ATAR and are HSC Experts

7. What about my school work? 

Our lessons are personalised to what the student is learning at school. The lessons complement the syllabus being taught in school. ​


8. Will I get homework?

Homework is usually given after each lesson to reinforce what is taught in class and students are expected to complete them as instructed.


9. What are the class timings?

Classes are usually held during the term MON-FRI after school hours. Some classes are also conducted on SAT-SUN. Check with the Academy for their current Term timetable.


10. How can I get a seat and book a time slot?

Enrolments and lesson time slots are on a first come – first serve basis. Due to the personalised nature of our lessons and small class size policy where we may start a new batch if the size limit is reached, the exact timing and lesson time slot can be confirmed upon enrolment only.

11. Will I be provided with study notes?

Students will have access to Achievers Google Classroom, a platform through which course booklets and resource materials are provided.

12. Do you conduct tests?
Yes, you will have tests each term under strict exam conditions. This is followed by a corrections and feedback lesson where all errors are marked and corrected.

13. What happens if I am absent from a group class?

If you are absent from a group class:

  • You will be provided with the notes and homework through Google Classroom

  • If you need extra help with the missed lesson, you may ask the tutor in the next class

(Note: Group classes are NOT repeated for each individual student who misses their lessons)


14. What happens if I am absent from a one-on-one class?

If you are absent without providing the tutor advance notification (minimum 24 hours’ notice needed):

  • You forfeit the lesson

  • You will be provided with the notes and homework through Google Classroom

  • If you need extra help with the missed lesson, you may ask the tutor in the next class

  • 1-on-1 lessons can be rescheduled but the student needs to notify the tutor well in advanced


15. Can parents meet tutors?
Parents can meet teachers/ tutors during the term by prior appointment.

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