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Tutoring Classes

Our tutoring classes for Year 7-12 will help you complete the NESA syllabus in-depth and stay ahead of your school year. We offer tutoring in a range of subjects including:

Year 7-10:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

Year 11-12:

  • English – Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 & 2

  • Mathematics – General, 2U,3U & 4U

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Economics 

  • Legal Studies

  • Business Studies


Our personalised courses will facilitate concept development through understanding and analysis and not through cramming and mindless memorization.

We have great tutors who are verified, trained, merit-record achievers and passionate about teaching. They take you through the syllabus content, fill in gaps in your understanding, help you achieve your learning goals and prepare fully personalised lessons just for you.  

Each lesson includes: 

  • Theory Notes

  • Tests

  • Homework

  • Corrections & Feedback

While we are still conducting face-to-face lessons, we have also begun offering online lessons which use state-of-the-art technology with Achievers Learning Management System (LMS). These online courses allow you to study from the safety and comfort of your own home, and ensure you don't fall behind in your schoolwork. Welcome to the future of education!​


Click below for more information about our online tutoring sessions.


1.5 Hour Group Lessons



Each lesson links with student’s prior knowledge to develop an understanding of new concepts, plenty of practice exercises and homework feedback. 

All Course Materials


Excellent study notes, enriched course materials and secondary resources provided in class and through online help

10 Weekly Lessons


Regular and structured lessons carried out throughout the term

2 Tests Conducted throughout the Term


Midterm and end-of-term tests conducted under strict exam conditions and based on the NESA model papers

Personalised Online Teaching One-On-One​ (1 Hour)

Our teaching is personalised to each student’s individual needs but covers in-depth the NESA syllabus requirements

Compliments School Work



Each lesson complements what the student is doing in school but provides more depth for understanding of concepts and filling up gaps in knowledge

For lessons times, fees and more, download our information packs now!

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