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Dhilsadhi Umaya Ranasinghe

English Advanced
English Extension

Hi! I’m Dhilsadhi. I will be teaching HSC English Advanced, HSC English Extension 1 and HSC

Economics. As a recent graduate, I have first-hand experience with the latest HSC syllabus and

insight into the methods that can be utilised to study effectively as well as a few tips and tricks

that I used to successfully complete the HSC. I use a variety of techniques to make my classes

as interactive as possible and personalise my teaching style to adapt to each student’s specific

needs and learning styles. My aim is to create a supportive environment to encourage students

to ask questions and discuss concepts. In this manner, I am able to find gaps in the student’s

knowledge and build on their understanding of key ideas to ensure they are able to reach their

highest potential.

Dhilsadhi Umaya Ranasinghe
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