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Welcome to Achievers Academy!

Online Class

Online Tutoring

Receive tutoring from anywhere in Australia and learn from the comfort of your own home!

Achievers online allows you to access highly qualified tutors and comprehensive resources in a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science and more!

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Our Courses


Achievers Academy offers tutoring in a range of subjects for students in Years 7-12 from anywhere in Australia!

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Our Tutoring Highlights

In-person or  Online

100% Personalised to

Student's Individual Needs

Each lesson links with student’s prior knowledge to develop an understanding of new concepts, plenty of practice exercises and homework feedback

All Course Materials Provided

Excellent study notes, enriched course materials and secondary resources are provided through our online learning management system

 Term Lessons

or Ad-Hoc Lessons

Regular and structured lessons carried out throughout the term


Ad-hoc lessons to complete a Topic or Test PREP lessons

Practice and Revision Tests

Students are given take-home midterm and end-of-term tests, based on model papers, to be sat under strict exam conditions.


Marking and feedback provided, followed by tutor's lessons to fill in gaps in understanding. 

     Personalised Study Program 

  • Our teaching is personalised to each student’s individual needs

  • Covers the Australian / State syllabus requirements in-depth at a pace that is comfortable for the student

  • Targets on individual student's needs and areas of weakness.

Compliments School Work & Completes syllabus In-depth

Each lesson

  • complements what the student is doing in school 

  • provides more depth for complete understanding of the concepts and

  • aims to fill up any gaps in student's knowledge

Achiever's Book Shop

Our book shop covers a range of HSC subjects and are up to date with the current NESA Syllabus to ensure students have the highest chance of achieving their potential.


About Us

​Nestled in the heart of Sydney's Hills District, Achievers Academy is a reputed Tutoring College renowned for its personalised quality of teaching and mentoring.


Established in 2005, the Academy has been servicing the educational needs of students of Sydney from High School (Years 7-10), HSC (Years 11-12) and Tertiary (University and TAFE) Students.
Tutoring Courses at Achievers Academy aim at developing critical thinking, reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills in students.

Our insightful, detailed and structured approach to learning deepens students’ understanding and appreciation of the subject, giving them the confidence necessary to succeed and to stay ahead in school.

From January, 2020, Achievers started their 'Online Tutoring Division' along with their regular onsite classes.

Achievers Online classes have been hugely popular and the demand has been overwhelming - this is due to the fact that the quality and depth of teaching have not been compromised and have remained the same as the onsite classes and taken by the same trained Achievers tutors and teachers. Further, there is the added benefit of students studying from the comfort and safety of their own homes. No doubt students from all over the state now flock to enrol at Achievers Academy Online.

Image by Beci Harmony

“I love coming to Achievers Academy, the tutors here actually make learning so much fun.”

- Adam, Year 9 Student, North Sydney Boys High School

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